Why should I Up-cycle Furniture - The 3 Painted Pugs

Why should I Up-cycle Furniture


There are so many reasons why Upcycling furniture is a GREAT idea!


-Environmental benefits of up-cycling are HUGE!

1. Less discarded waste and stuff sent to landfills

2. Reduction in using new and raw material which equate to less air 

and water pollution, less greenhouse emissions and overall a 

conservation of global resources

3. The list of positives environmental benefits go on and on....


-What up-cycling does for the community

  1.) Supports local business and artisans

2.) Creates sustainability buzz


-What Upcycling does for you

1.) Fuels your inner creativity

2.) Gives you a piece of furniture that is completely unique and one of a kind!!

3.) Allows you to customize your home/office for your style and aesthetic

4.) Provides “old” furniture a new life

5.) Saves you money


Moral of the story…don’t throw it away!  Repurpose, re-paint, get creative and give your old furniture new life.

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