Why I Use Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan to paint Furniture

Posted by Giuliana Roussey on

I was introduced to Chalk paint by Annie Sloan about 14 years ago. A friend had used it to paint a dresser and it looked incredible. I immediately went and got a tin of paint, some wax, and a paint brush and started painting. The first piece I painted was a small 4 draw dresser. I was hooked.  So the question is why Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan? Because it is so easy, no prepping, no priming, NO sanding! I’ve tried probably every DIY paint out there and they just can’t compare to chalk paint by Annie Sloan. I love the quality of the paint, it’s thick and rich. I like that I can control the paint by either adding water or letting it sit open to thicken it up. The paint applies beautifully and I can create whatever look I want through various techniques. I can finish a project in one day from start to finish. Instant gratification.

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