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We get a ton of questions about painting kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® so I knew it was time to create a series of blog posts that address the most frequently asked questions. Let’s begin with the top three.

  1. 1.) Is Chalk Paint® really good for painting kitchen cabinets?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Chalk Paint® is amazing for painting kitchen cabinets for so many reasons but the top reasons that stick out to me is: there is no sanding or striping before you apply the paint, it adheres to virtually any surface, it dries quickly so the process does not take a ton of time and it looks beautiful.

  1. 2.) What do I need to do to prep the cabinets?

Simply make sure they are clean and free of grease. My favorite way to clean cabinets is using Scrubby Soap® which is a bar of soap made from essential oil with a loofa that runs through the entire bar. After I give the cabinets a good once over with Scrubby Soap® I then go back over them with a clean wet rag (water only) just to remove any possible soap residue.  Voila cabinets are prepped.

  1. 3.) How do I know which cabinet goes where when I am done?

***This is so important***…label each cabinet and the corresponding hardware! This is critical to be able to properly hang your doors back in the right spot, otherwise doors will be wonky and oh boy will you be frustrated.

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