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We have all our supplies, we have picked out our color and finish and now we are ready to get to the good part!  Actually, painting and finishing the cabinets.


-I typically start with the backs of the doors.  This way if I need to make any adjustments it is on the least visible part of the cabinet.


-I paint all the door backs with one coat of paint and let them completely dry (typically 1-2 hours) then I go in with my second coat. If a third coat is need just let the second coat dry just as the first coat.


-Once I have the coverage that I want I allow the paint to dry 100%, typically overnight before I put my finish coat on.


-The next day I apply my first coat of either wax or lacquer.  I let the first coat dry, about an hour will do just fine then go in with a second coat of the finish of your choice.


-I wait until the next day to flip the doors over to start the fronts. Once you have the fronts ready to go just repeat the above process that you did on the cabinet backs.


-In between waiting for the cabinets door backs and fronts to dry I have already begun to paint the hanging boxes and draws.  The process is the same here as well. Paint…let dry…add additional coats…let dry overnight…add finish the next day.


-You are all set to hang the doors back up and start using your new beautifully painted cabinets.




-Cleaning is a breeze…even if you decided to wax!! Simple soap and water will do just perfectly.


-Will I need to re-wax after a bit of time?

Really that depends on usage.  I have yet needed to re-wax any cabinets that I have done through the years. Wax is incredibly durable and lasting. If you wanted to re-wax after a year or so just to give it a little “fluff” you definitely can. As for lacquer you will not need to re-apply.


-What if I change my mind about the color in the future?

No problem….just paint right over them.





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